Leveling Kit for Gen 2.5 Monteros?


I want to lift the rear of my Montero to give a slight rake to it. After lifting the front by turning my factory torsion bars, the front and rear is sitting level (unloaded - no weight in the back). However, I want to give it a slight rake to it so when I'm loaded down with camping gear and my two dogs, the rig will sit even vs sagging in the rear. What options do I have to achieve this in the rear? Do I need to upgrade my rear springs or can I just buy those 10mm trim packers ARB sells?


Dreaming Ape
Heavier springs will solve the squat; adventure driven design makes progressive heavier springs with your choice of lift height and OME makes expedition coils that provide a tiny lift and a significant increase in weight bearing capacity.

You can use Toyota Sequoia spacers too, but be aware that if you're loaded down and use spacers you could end up stacking the spring before your bumpstops can do their job - then you're buying extended bumpstops or Timbrens. (Timbrens are a great idea anyway.. but they're not exactly free)


I have the OME hd rear springs and its just as you describe. Unloaded the rear is higher than the front. Fully loaded for camping it is even.

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OME 910 is medium duty
OME 938 is heavy duty

I'm running the heavy duty springs and they have a 20mm/.75 in lift that can be matched in front by cranking torsion bars. Ride is stiff but not unbearable.