Lets talk shovels


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Im in the market for a new shovel for our RamCruiser. In the past I have used a 30" shovel (pictured) with our Land Cruiser and 99.9% of the time its for pooping or leveling the truck. Thinking because the shovel is for a full size 8000# plus camper vehicle I might want to consider upgrading. Our new RamCruiser is fully locked with offroad oversized tires but with that said everything has limits. Im looking for suggestions and reasons to upgrade.


Ace Brown

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I would like to see someone get that DMOS shovel and give it a good work out. I’m going to need a smaller shovel with no good way to mount a full size now with the RTT taking up most of my rack. I think I’d really like that shovel but the $200 price tag scares me away.

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I go with a fiberglass, D handled roundpoint 42-44 inches long or so, but I'm also closer to the ground than most guys. Eventually I want to try the all-steel Fiskars, but I haven't needed to replace or upgrade lately.



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I liked and used this shovel tool from Germany but the handle broke and for the price I dont feel it should of happen. Does anyone in the USA make something equivalent that is strong?


Ace Brown

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That DMOS shovel I mentioned earlier both folds and has a extendable handle. So very compact but expands to nearly full size. Think of it as the big brother to the WWII GI folder. Google it.

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long handled, fiberglass shaft, sharp point.
Tried a couple from Tractor Supply, farm store, amirite. Nope cheap Chinese crap and snapped their wood handles in no time at all, trying to loosen some tree roots. piss-poor whitewood stained to look like oak / hickory


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I have a 25+ yr old full size shovel of unknown manufacture. I don't know if they made fragile shovels back then. Nothing special but I've yet to break it in the backyard prying out deep rooted bushes. I do keep an edge on it so it doesn't have to work so hard.

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Ace Brown

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A mail order company I like is Gemplers. They have excellent shovels. Many with lifetime no break warranty.

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Great tool for firefighting. Crap for digging.
I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you.

Angles fantastic, smaller bucket won’t tire you out, handle just long enough to make it work but takes up less room, good steel, holds a great edge... list goes on

First one I reach for unless I’m moving peagravel

Had a crew boss would make 20$ bets your Pulaski vs his shovel for taking a tree down only ever him lose once.

Can’t speak highly enough about the old spoon :)

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