Let's talk about buckets



Almost always have a bucket on board. Super handy. I prefer the square cat litter ones as well.


We carry a 5 gallon paint pail. The air hose lives in it when we travel. In sub zero temps we leave the gray water valve open and drain into it, then carry to dump.


We use a cheap plastic bucket that goes under the faucet of our water tank. It catches the grey water when people wash their hands, which we then use to put out the fire. Since this bucket is round it doesn't pack very well, and I'm really liking the idea of using a cat litter bucket. Thanks for the suggestion!


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What self respecting Overlander would be caught outside without a couple of these...

I didn't think it possible, but it appears Yeti may have indeed created the peak Broverlander item.

Forty bucks for a 5 gallon plastic bucket with a Yeti logo. Its hard to believe the market would bear that...


I carry 2 that I fashioned into a sink and grey water catch. They stack on top with a 12 volt pump that pumps fresh water from the bottom bucket into the top bucket. I cut a 3rd bucket top off about the size of a sink and cut the bottom off and pushed it inside that part and heated it to form a bowl. It drains in the top bucket.
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I didn't think it possible, but it appears Yeti may have indeed created the peak Broverlander item.

Forty bucks for a 5 gallon plastic bucket with a Yeti logo. Its hard to believe the market would bear that...
I will admit to having one of these, a gift from an in-law. He is the type that would have a $40 bucket for the help to use when they wash his car... 🤭.

They are extremely heavy duty, probably 3-4x thicker and more plastic than a standard bucket, although I haven’t measured or weighed. The handle is about 1” web strapping and has a very comfortable grip. There is an organizer tray that drops into the top too. This isn’t a basic paint bucket. Is it worth $40? Probably not to me, I haven’t run out and bought any more.

However, the market seems to say they are worth it. If they were $25 and square, I would own at least 4 by now.


If you dont have cat or want to spend 18$ just to throw away the litter granules. You can just buy those rectangular pails with that same folding lid online from places like U.S plastics or U-Line.
Years ago at my job I had to package up PPE kits to keep in our trucks, I bought a dozen or so, about 4$ each.
Turned out aside from colour, were exactly the same pail that my Sweetie buys with cat litter.

As much as the cats annoy me, those litter buckets are brilliant, heavy duty, designed to stack both full and empty. I keep a round basic bucket in my trasheroo too. It holds open and works for stuff like scooping water or dirt, carry firewood, sitting on, emergency drain pan, lots of uses.


After camping with a cheap 12" plastic bucket for years this thread made me think it might be time to upgrade. My only complaint with the bucket is that it takes up a lot of space in the truck and doesn't pack well since it is round. Thinking about it a bit more I realized that the issue is really the height, so I bought a UST collapsible bucket to test out. I've owned LED lights from this company in the past and they've held up well, and for ~$12 it's not a lot of money. I gave it to my 4 year old for durability testing and so far it has passed the "extend it by kicking it and collapse it by jumping on it" test (10+ times) with flying colors.
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We have a 5 gallon Jason's Deli Pickle Bucket for our potty tent and a collapsible one for putting out the fire or fetching dog-bowl water



I got a collapsable bucket from REI but returned it as it was plastic and I wanted to replace the stainless one I have. Discovered the stainless one one was better as I can heat water in it on the propane stove. It travels in the Trasheroo when camping so it really does not take up much space. Did like the idea of a collapsable bucket though, still would put it in the Trasharoo for travel.


Another source of a rectangular 4 gallon bucket is Costco powdered laundry detergent.


The square buckets are the best thing about my daughter getting a cat. I now get about a square bucket a week, give or take. They also make good heavy duty shipping containers, when taped up appropriately.