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I think outside magazine need to spend a little more time on this forum and on the tread to get a better idea of all that is out there as exp. trailer! But still, nice looking and if it suite his need, it is a great trailer!


Here's my 2017 Panther Trailers Overland trailer. Towed by its matching 2014 Rubicon 5.7L HEMI JKU. Sleeps two inside and two "upstairs".


PS: No laughing and making fun us me camping on the pavement... This was for Jeep Beach. ;)




Little M416 based "utility" trailer that does double duty when camping and hunting.

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Lucky j

Any time I need it, it can go from this

To this in about 30 minutes. But I do not keep camping gear in it. So trip setp up can actually be a few hours once I diceded what I want to bring.

And this was just after on of the many storm we had last winter, but I was just moving it in tha yard to clear my parking lot.


Sure, not sure how specific you want, but I'll give it a shot. I built both pieces to some extent. With the lid, I built the skeleton and took it to a metal fab shop near me and the bent the metal with a single sheet of steel. They had to order I think a 5x10 sheet of steel to do it in one piece, but I think it was worth it. I THINK it is 14 gauge. the skeleton has a perimeter of 1" square tubes and the ribs are 3/4" sq tube. With the rack, I made sure the guy I ordered my metal from knew I wanted one tube to go inside the other. The hardest part of the rack design is figuring out what to mount it to. I just welded tubing to the front of the frame and then built a bumper to attach the back of the trailer. Rack is lifted via 4 electric actuators, 200 lb, 18" stroke I got off of eBay I think. They were cheaper than a comparable gas strut and I don't really have to worry about getting the weight calculations right on for lifting and lowering. It goes up and down via a switch on the side of the tongue box. Let me know if there is any other information you would like and I'll try answer. I noticed your out of KY, That second picture is actually at Land Between the Lakes.
Thanks great info. Sorry for the late response. Alert wasn't set up properly.
I can finally play in this thread, picked up my Taxa Outdoors Woolly Bear a few weeks ago and have been in a few shakedown runs.

Here it is when picking up at the dealer:

First trip to Davis Mountains State Park:

I was going to continue adding more pics but it keeps giving me an error so maybe I have a limit on pics or something but just 2 pics would be a lame limit.


Just picked up a trailer from Morris Mule Trailers in Alabama. Perfect option for what I was looking for. Well built, versatile, and extremely reasonable on the pricing. Plus, Morris was actually fantastic to deal with. Couldn't be happier!MM3.jpg