Lets see your full size Chevy!!!

like the truck lots. huge fan of the OBS Crew Cabs, but i am a little biased.

I can tell you from experience 35's will not clear with leaf springs and only 5" of lift unless you push the axle about 3"-4" forward minimum. I have 7" and it is pushed 1.5" forward and with wheels turned to lock either direction the tires will crash into the fenders with any bump what so ever. I need to push my axle out a total of about 2.5" total to resolve all fender rubbing.

Other option is to radius arm or link it. You can probably clear 35's on about 4" of lift. If you can weld, its cheaper than a kit too. My experience with the ORU kit also makes me think there wouldnt be much more labor either. Although advertised as such, not truly "bolt in"

the bumper is a TAG. I dont know that i would recommend them. Its strong, but up close it doesnt look as clean or finished as it does online. Welds are sloppy looking and the tubing used has some imperfections. Also, their customer was not real good. Delivery from the time I payed them took about 8 weeks.
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^^^That's a beauty.^^

Do you mind posting a picture of the SPID sticker from the glove box door? I'm always fascinated by how it was ordered. Also, is that some kind of aftermarket A/C unit under the dash?



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Took some better pictures of the truck yesterday.

That is a beautiful K5, makes me miss my old K25
But heres my 2012 Silverado, it does basic camping, canoeing, and kayaking, all we have around here.
It's getting a best top soft top, a yakima rack, some aux lights, dual batteries, and an inverter this year.


What brand is your winch and brush guard? I have the same truck except SRW with standard bed.

The winch is a Warn 16.5 and I believe the winch mount is called a Transformer.

Just checked online. Its a WARN winch mount called a Trans4mer


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Rough Country 3.5" kit. It's just enough lift for what I need it for in my area. And it clears the 285's nicely.


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Howdy POS and welcome...
a 1/2t burb 4x4 , very nice.
I love my 70 burb and it is no where near as great looking as yours.
Where in Texas are you...I was born in Amarillo and lived outside San Antonio but now I am in Phx.
Nick (Nobin on here) has a super cool 72 burb that is Cummins powered and is my mentor on these rigs.
Are you on the 67-72chevytrucks.com forum or coloradoK5.com ???

Again great looking rig and post up some trips reports with it...better yet we can meet up in New Mexico for an Old Iron Run :)


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Thanks for all the comments on the K5 yall!

And someone asked, it's a Softopper top for gen 2 k5's.

Here is a shot of the new 14bolt SF

And the top rolled up

And a before shot from when it was sitting for a while


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