Lets see some full size pictures...


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Since this forum's title is "Domestic: Full Size", I hope that a photo of my E450-based 24 ft. Class C camped off a 4X4 road in Death Valley qualifies to be posted.

We take it carefully offroad when and if needed. We carry along such gear as a double-lift hydraulic jack, a full size shovel, a bunch of wooden planks, a pick axe, tire chains, a full size mounted spare, a long high-tensil strength tow chain, a 120V compressor (powered by a built-in generator), tire changing equipment, tire puncture repair equipment, and a satellite based emergency communicator. Since this photo was taken, I now have it fitted with larger Michelins for increased ground clearance:
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I am also considering the LMM duramax swap, now that all the bugs 🐜 are out of the kits available.

I Really enjoy the simplicity of the 6.5 TD but it just doesn’t have the power to move the truck around.
At off highway conditions 6.5 is more than enough, on the highway I can comfortably drive 70 mph, but as soon as the grade changes truck slows down to 45 👎 🤦‍♂️
I guess that’s true with almost all old school 4x4s, land cruiser, jeep, Land Rover etc.
I currently have over 270.000 miles on the 6.5td @5psi boost.94A9AE2F-6A95-4591-AEB7-67D2C592AB57.jpegBC0A0C36-6487-441C-8F43-1A13394E6C4F.jpegA6BE53C0-8CCD-4D5B-8FB8-72F7FF5B9968.jpeg


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My 1989 after 3yrs for tub replacement and alot of other stuff. Pic is 1st camping trip at chain o lakes state park in indiana



I wish this was as clean as my last 800- but you’re right they are hard to find. Not to mention I wanted the 8.1 and manual 4x4.

It the perfect size for me - still fits in the garage (barely), fits six, and I can reach my kid in her car seat from the front. Crew cab makes that a stretch.

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What is your actual fuel mileage with the 8.1? While I'd like a diesel, the market is nuts. Wonder how the 8.1 does real-world driving?


What is your actual fuel mileage with the 8.1? While I'd like a diesel, the market is nuts. Wonder how the 8.1 does real-world driving?
I have been getting 8-10 on my usual commute. 7 miles each each way with 7 stoplights so not a chance for good mileage. We took it to Colorado empty this summer and it did 12 running 80mph most of the way. Getting ready to head to CO/Utah this weekend with the Northstar in the back - should be around 2500 miles round trip so will be interesting to see how it does. For comparison my Raptor only got 12 on the same commute and 14 driving to Colorado.

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My first post!! I figured what would be better than posting some photos of my last trip. Took the kids out so the wife could have some "me" time. This trip took us from the Utah/ Idaho border down thru the west side of Utah to the center part of the state, 98 % on dirt roads, except the detour to the Bonneville Salt Flats. Haven't done much (aside from the wheels and tires) with the truck, as it is also my work truck. I do have plans though.......