Lets see some full size pictures...


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Its high for sure, 2 main reasons are the 4ft drawer out the back and 20 liter water tank. All is sitting above the fifth wheel mount. I’m waiting for a camper so it’s livable for now loading stuff is a nightmare, I need a loading dock at my house.
This flatbed is at the top of my list and I am debating the added cost for the rear drawer and water tank. Does the model without the drawer sit lower? I know flatbeds on the RAMS tend to sit kinda high.


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Picked this one up last summer, slowly building it up.

1999 Tahoe LT

So far been getting everything right before the mods start. I did replace the rubber with a new set of Goodyear Duratracs, slightly larger than stock. It now has a Sony CD player with satellite radio, and all interior lighting has been replaced with LED. Replaced all exterior lights, put my box on the roof, and have rigged up a spare tire carrier for roadtrips.

Plans for the summer will be to build a new center console with a scanner and more power outlets, add a dual battery setup, and hopefully get a little more ground clearance with a 2" lift.