Lets see some full size pictures...


some great looking trucks here... and even more awesome seeing what everyone does with them. Here's my 2018 Power Wagon... only mod so far is a Thuren front leveling kit and 35" Grabber X3's. I'll be going to 37's once these wear out.View attachment 558816View attachment 558817

I traded in my 2014 Super Duty, with 3.5" lift and 37's for the Power Wagon. I miss my F250 but the PW drives way better, is far more capable and is an all around better vehicle.View attachment 558818
curious if you can expand on what makes the PW so much better? I don’t own either, I’ve only driven that year SD’s. Is it mainly due to the optioning of the PW? Or would you be saying the same thing about similarly equipped trucks?
Both are sweet lookin!

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