Lets see some full size pictures...


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My 06 Sequoia replacement

2019 Heavy tow package, 3.75 rear end, two spd transfer case, E locker rear end.
2nd row bench no captains chairs BS!!
I’ll run the crazy huge 22’s till they wear out then maybe pick up some stock Ford 18’s for better tire options.
The Platinum gets the wick turned up for 19 400hp👍. $3250 below invoice!! September was a rough month for Auto sales.



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Thanks for the comments. I might do a writeup of my trip which was 2+ weeks driving from NY to Montana and Wyoming. It was pretty awesome and resulted in a couple thousand pics (literally). Here's a little better view of the cap. It's a Leer 100rcc that is their reinforced model to hold like 4-500 lbs dynamic weight. The platform is a rhino rack pioneer. I was originally going to put a RTT up there but never got around to it so all I had up top were maxtrax and a 4 gal rotopax.