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Crazy Schooner

Fortune's A Mistress
I don't want to start a build thread on this truck as I make too many changes all the time. It gets chaotic. I get tons of dirty looks from people depending on where I go, that or the usual stuff; rtt on a lowered truck? "aggressive" looking all terrains on a lowered truck? lowered 4x4? Why are you on a forestry road? What about your air damn? blah blah blah. The 5.3L gets 10.5L/100kms on the highway with this setup, I like it. It works for me right now. It's a fun little stop gap till I find something else.


There was not a solution in the market since I did not want to run 20x11 wheels. Had a 20x9 set made and DOT certified.
I now have SN 00001-00005 and love how the 20x9 worked out
Very nice. Read though your post about the wheels. Great way to go for what you were specifically looking for.


What jack is that?
Looks like this one. Pro Eagle has a 2 ton off-road jack too but given the vehicle I'm guessing the 3 ton version.

Yes, it's the 3-ton Pro Eagle. It's a good piece of hardware, a bit pricey. Works well both working on truck at home and in the field. However, it really isn't the most space-efficient, convenient thing to cart around all the time on-board. I think I'm going to start the search for a bottle jack that fits my needs simply due to the space savings when I'm fully loaded, and in that scenario it will get relegated to shop duty.

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