Lets see some full size pictures...


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Finally got all the F-350 diesels together plus the Bronco. 93 red dually 7.3 auto with ATS turbo 125k miles. 94 ole F-350 firetruck 7.3l 4x4 auto 113k miles. 97 powerstroke 4x4 auto 184k and the Bronco 5.8l auto 160k plow rig.
If only that Powerstroke was a short bed you'd have a perfect set!

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Here's my 2017 F350 with an AT Habitat Truck Topper. The camper interior is a work in progress, and currently has a pressurized water system, 12V refrigerator, and compact kitchen with propane stove. I had a Carli 2.5" pintop suspension system installed to help manage payload and handling. I'm pleased overall and use it regularly. Still ahead is a front bumper w/winch, otherwise all good as is.




Lifting at all? If so, but those trailer fenders under the flatbed like the AEV jobber!
Not at this time, just some trimming for the 37" tires. The boxes are still higher off the ground than the lowest part of the undercarriage, but they do stick it out some. The flatbed is designed for camper.


mtnjp, I have the same set up on a white Dodge minus the rear awning.
Do you have a picture of the rear awning extended from the rear of the truck?
You know we’ve never extended the side or rear anwning. Part of it is that is just so high up, and i guess part laziness. When we find camp in the evening I usually just hang out on the shade side, its tall enough to cast quite a shadow. In hindsight I would have passed on the awnings, they weren’t cheap.


Perfect rig. Looks like the longbed model? The rear awning must really help. We get bombarded by sun sometimes.
Ya it’s longbed tradesman. Been a great truck. I struggled with the short bed question but really like how the longbed rides on the highway. We do a lot off road and it hasn’t been a issue, just a few more 3 point turns