Lets see some full size pictures...

Is that a surplus utility slide in? Or local per company time those and I've always thought they'd make a great habitat.
It's an ARE DCU shell. I wanted one that was 6" taller than the cab but I found this on craigslist for a steal. It's a little more stealthy than a traditional slide in camper.

Recommended books for Overlanding


More pics of that power wagon please!
Absolutely! A couple more from Moab, then a couple links to some other threads I’ve started. The low gear ratio in 4low first gear in the manual transmission was great on Hell’s Revenge. I have been to Moab in a couple different Jeeps, but I really enjoyed the PW on the rocks.



Funny about off road, my Silverado was open diff, WT. This is a Z71 4X4 with a G80, so better setup for offroad, but it's lowered so that's a moot point haha. Around where I live, I can go 90% of the places I like with a lowered truck, so I'm not too concerned about off road capabilities right now. I do have some built driveshafts sitting in boxes just in case I get the itch to raise it but I'm thinking Gladiator or AEV Bison (ext cab) in a couple years if I leave this truck as is and sell it then.

The bed rack is the one I had built for my Silverado with the Alu-Cab setup. I couldn't sell it for the life of me, so I tossed it back on this truck. I tried a used canopy but I didn't like the look of it, so I sold that next day.

Love this truck, but I am biased