Lets see some full size pictures...


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Been slowly gathering and building on my first rig, first camper even. In process of upgrading interior, Dickinson P9000, Nature's Head toilet. Tearing out original cabinets (except for drawers by sink and stove), adding 300 watt solar, carry a 3500 watt dual fuel Champion gennie. Removed the headache rack and in process of repurposing it into a rear drop down deck but it'll have to wait for now.

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Nicely done

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Hi I'm new to the forum. Here is mine , 95 f250 DailyDriver 351w zf5 , 68k original miles. This was a couple weekends ago in the stansbury mountains in Utah. And just to make everyone good and jealous, these mountains are basically in my back yard. I live about 15 minutes on the other side of the mountains in the picture 😁509461509462509463


Just picked up this project! Bought it unseen in Seattle for $900 then drove it 1000 miles home. It is now the base for my adventure rig. Plans include: Mexican blanket seat cover (done), Bed Rack, RTT, Cleaning up the engine bay, better lights, rear locker, slight raise and new rim/tire combo. The bench seat is the winning feature though. If anyone has some cool build ideas/additions let me know! this is a blank canvas for now and i don't mind experimenting. May do boat speakers on the bed rack for camping music.
This is alot like my rig but my bench seat has to go. The trails I drive, that bench wants to blast me to the Moon when the trail gets rough and my back ends up paying for it for days (or until I see my chiropractor lol) I'm getting some prp suspension seats.
@Wahayes83 I cant say I have experienced that yet seeing as im still trying to get mine legally in CA (eye roll) but based on the drive thus far I can definitely see that as being an issue. The springs in bench seats tend to be quite bouncy. the PRP Suspension seats are pretty nice thatll make things more comfortable for sure youll have to post a photo once you get those in. Also nice rig (y)


Installed my Thuren front springs a couple weeks ago. Went with the overland shocks while I save up to go to 2.5 kings 💸💸 Also got most of the campershell insulated and the interior builds started. Still need to put the drawer together. Interior done completely with glue and biscuit joints. It's going to get sealed and than bedlined with Raptorliner to make it as durable as possible.



Figured I would share some pictures of this, considering it is full size, I’m not seeing many (like 5) people building them for overland use, and I am finally going to start building this truck for overlanding after having it for 17 years. I’ll try to be better about documenting my progress with this truck on here, but will do so especially on Mountaindogoverland.com via the blog and videos.
225 slant six, base model plain Jane simple as whiskey Forest service special. This thing is just awesome.

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