Lets see some full size pictures...

Humvee / H1 Hummer having fun in Death Valley National Park,
some pictures of echo canyon, very narrow trail,
We also did chicken corner trail in Death Valley, that’s as narrow as it gets for any 4x4
Humvee tires were 4 inches away from 800 ft drop in the canyon.
I own many types of 4x4s and I am not car brand or model biased, but honestly H1/ Humvee is just another level of 4x4, unbelievable capability.
Great to see another hmmwv getting used up.

Where did you get those half doors? I have a little one now and going Doorless isn’t a good option anymore.

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Started a thread for the slow to some, bolt on, dailyndriver build.

But here is a 2012 F150, 3.5 ecoboost started with Am ARE “Z” Series shell, decked drawers, and a cargoglide bed slide.

Pictured in the rugged wilderness of a local city park which is all the off-road this truck will see until next summer.
Took a lot of articulation to clear the 5 inch curb, I think I need some beans lockers next, and a hi-lift in case I get stuck driving to bathroom in the background.

Before with just tonneau

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My 69 Suburban with some kit attached -
First overnight fishing trip for my 10yr old! He was going strong all night until just after dawn :)
Are you ever in Seaside, FL? There’s a near identical rig that is there seemingly the same time as I visit

Ovrlnd Rd

Just picked this up Tuesday so haven't done anything other than fluids, fuel filter service, and try and clean it. I drove my Nissan Titan Pro-4X from San Antonio to Rapid City, SD pulling a trailer then put the Titan on the trailer for the ride home. Got better mileage with the F350 pulling the load than with the Titan and an empty trailer. Had to stop by Mt Rushmore to get the Presidential nod of approvalIMG_3573.JPG.


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My new beastie. I searched for months looking for the right burb. Its a 2001 2500 8.1 w/barn doors and only 93k miles. Its going to be my family hauling, dog toting, boat towing, camping, hunting, fishing, shooting rig.
I already added the roof rack as it had been removed. While I liked the smooth look it just wasnt practical. I will be adding a full size basket with removable clam shell ski/fishing pole rack and lights front, rear , and sides. I have a home made awning that will be attached when needed. It also gets used on my montero and truck.
I will be putting 285/75 r16s and leveling the front with a crank or two, no lift for now. The back will be getting a custom built lockable aluminum floor vault for my PRS rifles and general storage. The rear doors may also be getting storage compartments depending on whats there structure wise when I take the plastic off. I love the burb but my montero has more hidden storage in the third row compartment.20181204_123407.jpg