Lets see some full size pictures...


Details on the winch set up please
What did you do about license plate lights?Thanks.

On the top of the EXPUD bumper wings are some bolt holes that work for mounting the square tubing.Think of the bottom of tubing as kind of an upside down T,and the top as an upside down L.
The winch is a Warn 9200 ATV

I have not decided on the fasteners I am going to use for the wiring and the duct tape keeps the T handle of my shell from catching on the wiring. I have not had a chance to test it yet,I plan on testing SAT.
I believe the winch uses around 7A with no load and 80A with a load,I don't think the tire will put much of a load on the winch,I may be able to power it from the trailer plug. If it takes more juice I will power it from the two batteries that are going into the space where the stock spare tire was.


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That thing is awesome!

The rest of the truck is unremarkable due to funding.:cry:
The picture below of the Tuffy console may be of interest to someone.
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Do you have anymore details on the Tuffy console? Did you remove the lower seat flip up as well?


That thing is awesome!

Do you have anymore details on the Tuffy console? Did you remove the lower seat flip up as well?
I don't remember the model of the Tuffy,but it is the biggest one,it doesn't have the CB opening. All of the seat stuff is gone,I had a local guy make a frame that fit the console and bolted in place of the seat. I also got the Tuffy locking doors for the storage compartments in the floor behind the front seats,they all have matching keys. I had to order from Tuffy as the matching keys option was not available at Amazon. I mentioned this to the Tuffy operator,he asked me a couple of time if I was going to order from Amazon,since I was, he gave me free shipping.Tuffy also makes locking doors for the storage area under the rear seats. I didn't get those because my rear seats have been removed,a frame to secure cargo to will go in that area sometime in the future.