Lets see some full size pictures...


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@manchild you need to get the sport appearance blacked out headlights and some Baja Designs Squadron Pro's for your fog setup.


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@jimbo12 Working on all that, and a few more things. Trying to figure out light bar for bumper and what aux lights to swap for the stockers. Aev is all about the vision x, im not as loyal and just want solid driving lights that at least have the option of yellow (if not always yellow). Headlights will be some hid retrofits, morimoto Fxr projectors.


Nice Rig, I like how you have the winch set up in the setina push bar. Been trying to figure out to mount my winch up front with out loosing the push bar this gives me ideas
Thanks. This one is a Go Rhino Guard and weighs 90 lbs w/o the winch.