Lets see some full size pictures...


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Had some lifestyle changes due to back surgery and very reluctantly traded my JKU for a 3/4 ton truck. It will see rough use on Colorado FS trails, but won't be rock crawling. It also fit in with some of my wife's plans, and we have a 2012 Northstar 850SC that will ride in it from spring through fall. Picked up an ARE topper for $350. Don't like visibility issues with the toolbox style, but they sure are handy for organization. You have to be at just the right angle to see the outline of "Better Cows, Better Living" from the decals of the prior owner who was in the artificial cow insemination business. Still finding the occasional semen straw wedged in odd places. Funky animal odor is almost gone. The truck is a 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with the 6.0. Happened to be a happy mix of mileage (49,000 when I bought it a couple of months ago), condition (not a work truck, someone loved that thing), and package (work truck trim -- only option missing is the 4.10 axle ratio.) So far really happy with it other than gas mileage, but I knew what I was getting into with that. It is refreshing to go back to tossing stuff in the bed rather than trying to create a three dimensional puzzle in the back of my Jeep to maximize space. Eventually will add more aggressive tires and a radio that supports a back up camera. Really doesn't need much more for me. Love the rubber floors. Oh, if anyone can recommend a good seat cover for the back seat that deals well with really short, bristly dog hairs, I'm all ears.

I'm gonna be looking for a truck just like this in the spring to tow our camper. With the 4.10's the gasser is rated to tow 13k, just as much as my in law's 2003 HO Cummins, crazy.


Rockin that Fullsize!!!

Keep up the adventure!!!!

*fall collection* LOL

I'm getting in town fever pretty bad and need to get me out for an adventure soon! As I'm sure you can relate, the extra space and capability of a full size rig just offers... more.

I'd take her anywhere my friends Rubicon Jeep would go, and probably a few places that he wouldn't. She's been down OHV trails, all but the smallest single tracks and since I look forward to her pinstripes, and adding more, I never really consider the brush factor on a trail. I would probably worry about tight switch backs on the side of a cliff, like in CO and UT... but I won't know until I take her out there...

:wings: ADVENTURE!!!! :)


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Just bought a "new" '78 Jeep Wagoneer..... 401, TH400, QuadraTrac..... Pretty much a driver, with some minor interior and wiring issues to take care of.



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My wife and I camped in this for 2 months while driving from Georgia to Portland, then through the Southwest and back. Pulled a trailer back across the country when we moved from Georgia to Idaho this last summer.

Here's my rig:




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New to the sight but not to 4 wheeling and camping.

Here's our 2012 Ram 1500 and Backpacker trailer in Eastern Oregon along the Owyhee River

Owyhee Back Country.jpg

And on the way home from a trip the Williamson River in Southern Oregon