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It will be a slow/basic build nothing to fancy, for exploring around the US, hope to have set-up by spring,

2007 2500 Duramax, CC/SB


After a broken tow strap sent the D-ring through my back window, I swapped the shell from my trailer onto the Ford. Lots of room inside and nice to have the opening doors on the side.



Not sure why it loaded a different pic than the one in the original post? I was talking about the 2007 2500HD.

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I love how that ARB bumper looks on the newer Ram's; it looks to have a much better fit relative to the ARB bumpers on the older Ram's.


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my beloved Jeep Grand Cherokee had some problems too close to the departure date of my 18 day trip, so I scrambled and setup my 2002 2500 duramax for the long haul.

hated steel wheels and needed a topper for the trip. This is how I bought it. All stock, extended cab 8 foot bed.

picked up the topper for 350 and now I look like a cable install guy from 2002. also got some fresh tires and stock HD alloy wheels for it.

came up with a quick fork mount rack for my bike to keep it out of the elements and the eyes of thieves. I need to work on the storage, but the boxes keep my gear dust free at least.

made it to the most remote Ranger Station in the lower 48, "Hans Flat" in Canyonlands NP.

made it up and down the "flint trail" in canyon lands, lots of multi point turns. but made it. this is the only crappy pic I was able to take, it was steep.

Overall, great change from the Jeep. I missed the small turning radius some times, but the power in the mountains with the diesel is amazing.

it only had 89,000 miles when I bought it so I might hang on to it for a while. Looking for ideas on sliding bed storage for the next trip. still have a few days left on the trip. needed one night out of the 18 in a hotel to dry my gear out from the snow and ice in the mountains.


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Picked up a well equipped FWC Hawk. After doing some research on this and other websites I decided to pair it with a 2017 Ford F350 with the 6.7 powerstroke. This is a great resource and thanks for having me be part of it. I hope to contribute more now that I have something worth sharing.
Love the rig, great platform for Overlanding, I am looking forward to hearing more about how she performs.

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