Lets see some full size pictures...


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Got solar panels mounted today

I have steel box in bed that will house 100 amp hr battery and charge controller. Should be plenty for ARB elements fridge.


@ROKDKTR Does the ARE have an internal aluminum frame to support a greater static load?

Yes it does. The rack and canopy are essentially individual units tied and clamped together. ARE rates it at 550 lbs dynamic.

I'll get more pictures of the inside soon. Just busy at work.


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@ROKDKTR 550ibs Dynamic that is a nice bit of weight support. Does it mention anything about static weight?



Nothing at all about static loads, but with me at 250, the wife and 2 kids in it, there was zero flex or movement observable on the shell or the internal frame while the kids played around in it. I felt no movement in the floor or truck with all of us in the tent moving around and setting up beds. The frame is boxed T-channel so I expect it to be very rigid and solid. It's not half-assed by any means, which is nice.

It's very solid, and I've been checking the clamps and bolts now after rougher roads and there is nothing moving.