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Bigassgas Explorer
Here is my adventure rig.

1978 K10
2002 Vortec 8.1L (I just completed this swap about a month ago)
6” Superlift front springs
ORD rear shackle flip with custom springs
Q87x16 Superswamper TSL
Rear Detroit locker with a TruTrac limited slip on the front
Nostalgic Front Hickey Sidewinder winch
Rear Mikemarker 12K winch (to be installed soon)
Snugtop topper outfitted for storage and sleeping

8.1L maden voyage: August 2008

The "Kitchen"

Vortec 8100


Heretic Car Camper
Reece04 said:

Great looking rig Motomech!

They are awesome rigs for this kind of stuff. I can pack all my stuff in and still have ample room for sleeping or hauling people.

I love mine, I only wish it was a 2500.
In this age range ('73-'91) making one a 2500 isn't too hard. Mine started out as a 1500. I used the 14bff, rear drive shaft, and 8 lug bits from my old '79 Sub to convert this one to 3/4t brakes (Very worthwhile!!) and, for the use, an indestructible rear axle. The front conversion is about as involved as doing a brake job and wheel bearing re-pack. I'm not recalling all of the nuances, but I think you either need a 14bff from a Sub or you'll have to move the spring perches & shock mounts. I'm not positive on that though, so I'd recommend searching coloradoK5.com as it has been covered there extensively.
Or you could just buy mine & have one of each! ;)


Bigassgas Explorer

Yeah, that is a hitch basket buried in the quagmire. That basket is pretty much what snagged me up where the winch had to be used. I tried to go around that hole but the front left slipped right in. I am hoping my buddy gets the video up on Youtube soon. It is pretty cool to see it slide in with the front right tire spinning 6” in the air as it tried to crawl out.


I did the same thing to my truck….swapped on 8 lug front brake rotors and backing plates as well as a rear 14 bolt full floater. I am on the lookout for a Dana 60 for the front but who isn’t these days. Trucks and Suburban’s use the same rear axle. You are probably thinking about a 1 ton rear axles as those do have different spring perches. Same with G-van axles. Below is a Suburban I built for a buddy in Detroit. He drove it from Colorado to Detroit after it got the floater and rotor treatment as well as a fresh turbo 6.5L diesel. He painted it all up in satin black and uses it in the U.P. of MI nowadays as well as Silver Lake. He bought it down here as you cannot find rust free anything back there.

Maximumrob, :D


Bella PSD


Truck and engine:
02 Super Duty CC Lariat 4x4 (REAL floor shifter W/lock out hubs), 7.3L Diesel, ZF 6 SPEED w/LUK clutch & South Bend Kevlar PB, DP Tuner- Stock HP,40HP,60HP,80HP,120HP,140HP, 1.15 A/R NON Wastgated Van TURBO with ATS housing, and Non-EBV Turbo Pedestal, ITP Over boost Pressure Regulator, Crank Case Vent mod, 4" DPPI down pipe, 4" custom mid side exit straight pipe (before the rear tire), Tymar open intake, Dana 60, 3.73 gearing LS,

IH T 444E BADGES, 06 red Grill, Ranch hand bumpers front and rear W/skid plate, 3 step N-Fab side bars, 06 heated TT mirrors, Mastercraft 35" MUD tires on Helo Maxx 16x10 BLACK RIMS, Superlift 5" LIFT, ARE Z Cap with 4'x5'x6" Con Ferr Roof Rack, 35" spare roof top mounted, Bushwacker Fender Flares

Auxiliary Idle Controller, Excursion center console w/Wood & Rear Radio Controls, Triple A-pillar Gauges, Rhino Lined light gray(not black), Garmin GPS 12map, Uniden CB, Husky floor liners (custom cut for 6 speed), Wet Okole Waterproof Neoprene seat cover rear and Smittybilt G.E.A.R. seat covers front, Norcold 60L fridge

320 RWHP and 700 RWTQ with 35" tires before new turbo

17-22MPG depending on load

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Bigassgas Explorer
I remember seeing Casa Azul on either The Travel Channel or Discovery. Awesome rig….not too sure about that car on the top though.

Bella PSD


I remember you or your Excursion:safari-rig: from The Diesel Stop!!


jdholder said:
Yeah - finally figured out how to post pics -

Here's mine - sitting in the driveway - gotta get some action shots!


Bella PSD said:

I remember you or your Excursion:safari-rig: from The Diesel Stop!!


You remember me! I don't hang out there much anymore, the Excursion has evolved a bit from the freeway cruiser.

This is a much cooler site!