Lets see some full size pictures...


motomech said:
Wow i loving all the suburbans:bowdown:
Great looking rig Motomech!

They are awesome rigs for this kind of stuff. I can pack all my stuff in and still have ample room for sleeping or hauling people.

I love mine, I only wish it was a 2500.



Yeah - finally figured out how to post pics -

Here's mine - sitting in the driveway - gotta get some action shots!

Rear Bumper:

Truck Vault Storage:

Cut Open Rear Doors - Storage:

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motomech said:
Oh nice!Im gonna copy your rear door mod! Got any pics of the on board air setup?

I only have one of the compressor and one of the air bags - it's mounted on the frame rail under the driver's seat - the tank is mounted right behind it and there is a quick disconnect on the rear bumper.

Here's the only two pics I could find:

One note - I unhooked the bottom of the airbags and made a bucket that the spacer fits down into. Hard to explain, but the airbag was actually limiting the leaf spring droop and with the size of this rig, I need all the articulation I can get. The airbag still works when I pull the big trailer and now doesn't limit any suspension droop.


Reece04 said:
Nice excursion, is that rear bumper custom or did you buy it from someplace. I really like it!
The rear bumper started off as a Road Armor unit. But with all the additional fabrication and improvements, I would now call it custom.

I had to have the spare tire mount rewelded and gusseted to support the tire weight. I added the Gerry Can mount - I had the whole bumper boxed and reinforced. It's now pretty bomb proof.