Let's discuss the on board water storage setups.


Keep your tanks and plumbing inside if you dont want them frozen, its a trade off.
with the shuttle bus, I was really hoping to figure out a way to use the space under the floor since there is so much of it... but you're right, inside is definitely the safest bet.

another side note that's relevant to this thread... if anyone is looking for info on water filtration/purification, this is a killer thread http://forum.expeditionportal.com/threads/82484-Water-purifying


Boring old FWC 26 gallon capacity here with our FWC flatbed. (20 gallon tank and six gallon WH) But for extra capacity I use two 7 1/2 gallon jerry cans and a small 12V submersible pump that plugs into my cigarette lighter to transfer water into the FWC tank with my 15' water fill hose. Plus Sioux and I carry gallon jugs for drinking water. (8 gallons for five days.) We had water left over on our five day White Rim Trail trip and that included a couple of showers.

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On my new build with a Grandby flatbed I was going to add a 40 gallon tank but this system works so smooth and is so flexible I plan to stay with it.


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I have a standard class C RV. I have been living full time in it for more than 11 years now.
It's a Lazy Daze so they built it right.
I have 60 gallons under my couch, for a 24 ft. RV that is pretty good.
To offset the weight, LD put the house batteries and the generator on the other side.
The balance is pretty good which I like.


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Out of curiosity, Why have none of you used the Sharkbite Fittings and PEX? You realize that it is cheaper by the foot and the connectors are easier to work with especially in tight spots. PEX is rated @180º F and 160psi, that's in all colors. Red, Blue, White, Orange, Purple, and they even make an Insulated PEX. So for under a vehicle run, you could be fine in a cold weather environment. Its flexible, and with the rough way we all use our vehicles, makes the most sense. SharkBite fittings are a more aggressive toothing and a double O-Ring. Now, they aren't the cheapest connector out there, but I feel in a vehicle setting they are the most suited for us.

Just for a cost comparison
PEX - 1/2" 100' roll - ~$30 at HomeDepot ---($0.30/foot)
The other hoses and materials can be in the couple dollar range or more per foot.
I used pex and uponor expansion fittings. Awesome stuff.

I don't trust shark bites in buried locations. They fail....

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750 liters in two fully baffled stainless tanks under dinette seats.
Pex with crush rings. We carry spare pex, fittings, rings and compact tool just in case. Do not trust Shark bite under vibration.
2 10" filters, 5 micron then 0.5 micron carbon block.
No black water (composting toilet)
Grey water 120 liters, outside heated envelope, keep valve open in below freezing.
Good for an easy month if we fill!


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I find PEX with crimp type clamps or compression rings to be very reliable, easy to work with, and mild freeze tolerant. Invest in a good crimp tool for the oetiker style clamps, and enjoy the leak free repeatable (and quick) plumbing work. The only real complaint I have with pex is that is can sometimes be a challenge to find fittings to connect to some of the more unusual straight or rubber o-ring type pipe threads.




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I basically installed a marine washdown system in my van. I decided to go with a portable tank instead of a fixed tank because of multiple filling options. I used a reliance bladder you can get at walmart and a milk crate with an optional crate I can daisy chain if I opt to take more. What is also a plus I can put the bladders out in the sun for a nice hot shower. I also made an adaptor the connects to my AC units drip pan. It is amazing how much water I can reclaim by running my air. Added note on the bladder you dont have to vent it like a hard wall tank, it just collaspes and you dont hear the water sloshing around.C4FF34FB-3565-44E4-812F-D2A173361379.jpegDBF37BA9-0F9A-4094-A2BA-2E29173DC31F.jpegEFBD9A47-8AF5-422F-8436-6AE467F168C5.jpeg
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I was a Mgr at one of the West Marine stores in Orlando for 10 years. The old managment was terrible as were their pricing. It was hard to sell a quart of wax for $40 when you could buy it down the street for $20. LOL! I would always tell my customers when I was showing them a product “ now rememder when we get to the register make sure you tell me you saw it at _______ so I can price match it for you! “. The only good benefit of working there employees got everything 10% above cost.