Let’s talk luggage


Interior space is limitied in a pickup, so all of the the gear gets piled under the RTT when we are traveling with the dog. I’ve been putting our old gym bags in hefty trash bags, which also seems to be a good theft deterrent, but it’s time to class it up a little.

NorthFace and Yeti both make some nice waterproof duffels, but I’m not ready to shell out that kind of money. I’m hoping someone has some recommendations for budget bags that will keep our clothes dry.

Do I want water resistant or water proof? The former seems like a difficult term to qualify.


High-Tech Redneck
I got one of these waterproof duffels for roof rack use. I used it 2 weekends in a row, first with choking dust conditions (convoy on very dry gravel roads) and the second weekend it poured heavy rain (and I drove in it) and both times what went in clean or dry came out clean or dry.

I'd reccomend it, although I have no long term experience with it. For $40 it's not bad.




Kapitis Indagatoris
Being a bit of a gear bag nerd myself, and given your criteria (open truck bed) you may consider surfing Craigslist for used pelican cases. Yes, they're rigid and heavy, but you can normally pickup used ones for pennies on the dollar and they are fully waterproof, crush proof, lockable and make great chairs, steps and tables when setting up camp. Plus, once your hobby and experience has grown beyond them you can resell them to recoup your investment (and buy new gear!)...example:truckbed/SUV cargo system.



If you go to Vietnam you can get northfake duffles cheap. I have one I bought there to bring home some our finds and to see how it holds up to my real one. I had to replace the horrible zipper pulls, but other than that it is great. My real one shows some wear, but it was my go to for overseas oil field work off shore and in the Simpson desert. It carried my cloths, boots, hard hat and some equipment over half a million miles between air, land and sea. in a basket on a helicopter, commercial flights, back of a hilux, strapped to a 70 series roof, etc. It's a damn fine ski equipment bag now. The North face base camp bags are really hard to beat even at the price point. The Patagonia bags are thinner and less robust for example.

lots of similar knockoffs out there, just google waterproof duffel bag, even Ozark trail has knockoffs on Walmarts website.