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Okay I could be crazy (that is nothing new), but I remember many years ago my mother kept a container of lemon juice in the cupboard. It was never refrigerated and we never died because of this.

My question is was that a special kind of lemon juice or was it just the way things were done back then. I LOVE lemon juice and would like to keep some at my work (no fridge) and leave it in the camper but don't always have the fridge running when it is a day trip or between trips.



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Lemons don't spoil in Canada... just kidding.

Ever have a cut on your hand or finger and stick it in lemon juice? It burns, right? Plain lemon juice, by itself, it very tart to your tongue; kind of puckers your mouth. It's because of its citric (citrus) acid content. Citric acid is a natural preservative and discourages bacterial growth. Mum probably used it in canning.


Pure lemon juice does not need to be refrigerated. As mentioned, it is too acidic for any nasties to grow. However, it will lose flavor if not refrigerated. Also, if it is a partial container, there is a possibility for mold to grow in/on the upper portions of the container (areas not submerged in lemon juice) in warm and/or humid environments.

Lemon juice with sugar added does need to be refrigerated.

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White Turtle Adventures
Well what I use it for the most is in ice tea. Other uses are to marinate meats, in sauces and especially good on fish. I prefer fresh but do not always have a fresh lemon.

Felix Caliz

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True lemon

True lemon/lime is a dehydrated/freezes dried powder that preserves the oils in the lemon and lime it taste fantastic. It's packaged a bunch of different ways packets and bottle of different sizes. I found a packet at a local gas station by the tea/coffe counter. So I googled it and found it up on amazon.com.

True lemon

It's really good, give it a try.