Leitner Designs Accessories: Gear Pod XL, Gear Pod, Mounting Plate, Rooftop Tent Bracket, Maxtrax Mount, Etc


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Hello Guys,

Looking to sell locally, pick up in Ontario Socal, the Gear Pods. The other stuff I can ship out.

I have 1 Gear Pod XL left now, 1 was sold.

I have 2 Gear Pod left still, the smaller ones.

Gear Pod XL $500 $450

Gear Pod Regular Size $200 each I have 2 left

Mounting Plate For Rotopax, Axe, Shovel, Etc etc $50 each I have 2

Rooftop Tent Brackets 4 Total $50 for the set

Maxtrax Mount $50

Pick up in Ontario Socal. I can ship out anything with the exception of the Gear Pods. Those will be picked up locally in Ontario.


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I am in Nor Cal, normally I would drive down and pick the XL up from you, at the price of fuel in this communist state thats not happening. The people here get what they vote for!