Leibbrand's 06 DC Limited Tundra Build


We drove the AlCan, there are some scenic sections and took the Top of the World Highway to the Yukon boarder and onto Dawson City.

We stopped in Chicken for some gas,and to see the chicken

Dawson City ferry was the end of the Top of the World Highway. We stayed in Dawson for the night to checkout the town and grab dinner. I took a time lapse form the boarder to Dawson City Ferry.


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Not bad with. I think it works with the dark headlights.

I like the blackout look on the blue. I didn't think it worked as well on white.


I'm typically not a fan of those deflectors, especially the way they extend down the grill due to the atypical design of these Tundras, but your truck actually pulls it off nicely.

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