LED Task Light Install - Tacoma bed


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Installed an LED 3 inch watertight ThinLUX task light in the bed of my Tacoma; light courtesy of Travis of Safari Pacific. Power to the bed from a Blue Sea auxiliary fuse block in the engine bay which is routed through a Radio Shack project box with 12 ga wire. The project box also has full-time power though dual 12V plugs from West Marine and a switch to power the light (14 ga wire) which is mounted with Velcro cable straps to the center upright of the CanBack. The Velcro strips allow placement to other locations in the bed as needed yet keeps the light secure. The project box is mounted to a same size plate of magnets (repurposed from a drill bit holder), coated with Plasti-Dip, and glued to the box. Mounting has remained secure with the strong magnets but allows me to completely remove or relocate the box as desired. The LED light provides ample illumination at night. Total cost minus wire, loom, and connectors was $25.00. I'm very pleased with the results, the install, and Travis's support. Technical support from Iron Pig Offroad (so I don't burn the truck up). Now I need a fridge to plug into one of those outlets before OX10...

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Very nice. That is much nicer than my 4AA Led light installed in the camper ceiling of my Tacoma topper. Despite what I thought I knew about LED lights, 3 of the 20 or so LED lights have stopped working after only several hours of use. Of course I only spent 10$ on it though.