LED finger lights for kids


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My kids went nuts over some of these LED finger lights that were being sold at a school fair last fall. I am going to order 80 for the next outing I am planning with my kids and some family friends with kids too.

They don't last more than one night or two but for about 17 cents a light, who cares. By the way the fair was charging a dollar per light. Pretty clever if you ask me.


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I keep a stash of glow sticks in my truck camper for the kids if they start getting bored at night, its well worth the couple bucks for an hour of enjoyment the kids get from them.


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cool i can see a 1001 different uses for these besides just using them on your fingers !!

just to name a few
ziptie or tape or loop around the tent guy lines for nighttime security of falling over them
quick flashlights in a gear box ( heck every bag, box, backpack will have one)
trailerball locator
put some silicone around it and strap it to a large bobber for nighttime fishing
put a bunch on a string and swing it around ( cool nighttime light effect )

pretty cool uses gonna order up a bunch



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Got a high school group camping trip coming up. I ordered some. Might make an epic night time game of Capture the Flag more interesting.....