Leaking Seal


4WDaus "tralia"
Hi guys
Whilst doing some maintenance I discovered a small oil leak. Does anyone know what this seal is called.the front drive shaft comes from this point forward.
Thanks in advance


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Hi Steve.... If you said the transfercase front driveshaft/output shaft seal they should know what you're talking about. I had one leak a while ago and replaced the seal but it still wept. So then had to get a Speedy sleeve fitted as the shaft was a little grooved but it wasn't that obvious. Just saying to have a good look at it while it's out.

Regards John


I didn't have a speedy sleeve so replaced the flange bit that the universal bolts to which fits on the splined output shaft. I think that came from Don Kyatt also. The centre nut is a bit special. 36mm castellated and flanged (on FG649). Broke a breaker bar trying to undo it. Neighbour's rattle gun worked. The nuts/bolts for the flange cost arm and leg, I used Nylok - deeper than original but there was enough room.

Cause of my failure was possibly the very worn splines in the drive shaft. I could feel the vibration. If not the cause it contributed. Had it rebuilt (and lengthened a bit to compensate for spring height) by Hardy-Spicer in Darra.


4WDaus "tralia"
Thanks guys, makes it much easier talking to the mechanic when you are appear to know something. I appreciate the information.