Leaf spring help, choices to be made


So I’m currently building a 3-3.5” lift for my 1993 XJ. I’m not on to the rear leafs. There is currently a pair of RE 3.5” lift leafs for $200 on CL in my town, I was also considering a pair of Crown HD springs with some shackles. Opinions? I may be going bigger but that won’t be for a while, especially considering I might be able to get the RE for less that the stated price. Crowns will be around $100 each, plus the shackles. Any help is appreciated.

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What kind of weight are you wanting to carry in it? Also factor things like bumper/tire carrier and sliders. I would not do the crowns. RE is a great brand for leafs no doubt but for any sort of weight its tough to beat OME.