LC 200 length behind front seats?


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We are looking at our next platform and an important factor is sleeping inside the vehicle. For the 200s, I know we would need to do a full rear seat removal. Does anyone have the length of the cargo area from behind the front seats to the door? Trying to figure out how it would work for our intended purpose and there aren't a lot of area stock where I can inspect in person with a tape measure.

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if you keep the second row seats, or remove them, you will need a sleeping platform. A person of about 6'2" will be about the max that is comfortable. If you take the seats out there is a drop in the floor you will need to compensate for to make the rear area flat. If you keep the second row. you will need to put a drawer system in the back about 8-10" high then just fold down the back of the second row.


This might help, although no exact dimensions are available, he says around 6'5" behind front seats: <--- Let google translate that for you.

In the Land Cruiser (whether its an 80/100/200) you don't need to remove the rear seats to sleep in the back, the wheel wells will limit width anyway so best to construct the sleeping platform 8-10" above the load floor so you can utilize the full interior width. In the 100 series that is about 55", I would guess 200 to be similar if not slightly larger. My 100 fits a 55x80" air mattress like a glove.
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