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I got a few latest photos.

I rescued a 100 series buddy last weekend.

Then I installed my Dobinsons adjustable panhard and checked the new flex. I need to find a taller rock!



Ready to start up Corkscrew Gulch in the FJ60. The dust was so bad me and the navigator had to wear Personal Protective Equipment. I'm going to dump the dust out of the snorkel precleaner, pan it and maybe defray some expenses.


Recommended books for Overlanding

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide
by Tom Sheppard
From $125.48
Drive Nacho Drive: A Journey from the American Dream to t...
by Brad Van Orden, Sheena Van Orden
From $15.95
Cycling the Great Divide: From Canada to Mexico on North ...
by Michael McCoy, venture Cycling Association
From $9.99
Motorcycle Messengers 2: Tales from the Road by Writers w...
by Jeremy Kroeker, Ted Simon, Lois Pryce, Billy Ward,...
From $9.99

Recommended books for Overlanding


Car camping with a Napier Sportz Cove 61500 car tent.

This tent works especially well with the LC/LX with the split fold tailgate and hatch. It makes the interior absolutely ginormous by closing in the open tailgate and hatch. Another 2ft of usable length in the interior. I folded up my middle row, but probably didn't have to. I don't have drawers, but this would probably work even better with a sleeping platform over drawer and the middle row. I also had a window screen sock over the rear door windows to make it all breathe really well with no condensation by morning.

Setup is quick and easy, and provides a nice awning.