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Pulled the 35" tires and Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels off and put factory wheels with 33" tires on it while I decide whether to keep it or not.


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Toyota Land Cruiser from California visiting Yukon, Canada

Good afternoon all,

While we were out shopping today, we came across this Toyota Land Cruiser with trailer from California visiting Yukon, Canada. Great looking setup, and I'm sure it would be fun to travel in.

Toyota_from_California (2).jpg Toyota_from_California (4).jpg Toyota_from_California (5).jpg

2 of the 5 photos error-ed out on upload, odd eh...

We thought we would share the photos with all of you.
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Awesome Cruiser! What size tires are those? Are they 35's?
Are you referring to mine? Close they're 285/75/17 and measure a true 34" which is what a lot of 35s measure height wise. They're only 11" wide though so they fit great and are lighter than a typical 35.


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Medano Pass Road, on Saturday:

Foto Phuket strikes again! Their cash grab is going to kill a ton of shared knowledge on the web. I sure don't have time to go back and repost every photo I've ever posted, and I'm not about to lay out the $400 per year they want now for a service that's been free for eons.