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The AT style one is too short for 33" tires? It's so simple I think you could put one together easily for a lot less money and at any height you wanted.


What about using something like this? You'll have to add a round piece of steel to mount, but could then spin the jack out of the way while traveling.



AK Cowboy, that was my initial plan. Still might happen.

I made some double telescoping stabilisers for the rear of my trailer. Works well and nothing hanging down to reduce departure angle. I can take a pic if desired. Height above ground when up is 20".
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The AT style one is too short for 33" tires? It's so simple I think you could put one together easily for a lot less money and at any height you wanted.
The one I got from Camping World has telescoping legs and my trailer is fairly tall on 33" tires and it works just fine. I plan to throw a set of 35's on the trailer soon and I'm sure it will still work great with bigger tires.


Pics attached. Dimensions are metric sorry. Outer tube is 400mm long, inner 420mm long. The adjustment holes on the outer are 40mm apart with one on the face at 90deg in the middle of this. This allows 20mm adjustment on height. The adjustment holes on the inner leg are at 30mm spacing so essentially there's 10mm adjustment depending on which hole combination you choose. I also use a couple of pieces of ply to put under the foot to aid adjustment as required and make the footprint bigger. To deploy I wind the jockey wheel to raise the rear end, put the legs down as needed, then wind the front of the trailer up to lock it all in.

Outer leg tube is 35mm, inner is 30mm, and trailer support is 40mm. Just increase the length of the tubes as needed depending on how tall your trailer is.



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OMG, that's perfect, indiedog! What's your total length for your setup? Did you find the tubing locally?


The drop on level ground is 510mm or 20" though I've drilled the holes to allow for a piece of 15mm ply when on level ground. Max drop I can do is around 550mm and then I can pack it up with some ply pieces if required. It took a little bit of thought to work out where to drill the holes to make sure it all sat well when in both the up and down positions but apart from that it's simple, works well, and is well out of the way when travelling. Note if either of the 40mm spaced holes doesn't work I drop the inner leg out and turn it 90deg and then use the single hole which is in the middle of the other 2, if that makes sense.

I got the steel at the local steel supply shop. Each piece has a 2mm wall thickness so there's 1mm of clearance between inner and outer tubes. The inside seam needed a bit of cleanup to make sure it all slides cleanly. You'd have to source appropriate sized tubes locally so they neatly slide inside each other with a little clearance. The feet are made out of a piece of 75 x 50 (3" x 2") piece of tube, I just cut it to leave on the corner curve for a better look.

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I use ones like this as well

They work really well. The only downside is they take up space inside the trailer.
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