Last dealership trip under warranty - any suggestions?



My '15 LR4 nearing 50k miles and I'm going to bring it in for a few misc warranty issues (small):

- ECO (engine start stop) doesn't see to be working. Light is on the dash most of the time.
- Rough Idle when warm (I don't think it is that noticeable, but wife says she wants it checked out)
- Seat bases seem loose, and you can feel a small shift at times. feels like a loose bolt.

I consider all of these items pretty minor, but since it is under warranty, I thought I'd bring it in. Any other items I should have them "look" at? I usually do my own work on vehicles, and I don't see or feel any glaring or potential items. However, I've never owned this model and wondering if any of you have suggestions.

Appreciate the help!
I'm and LR3 guy, but all I can recommend is that if that is the only issues you have, they are not going to work on anything else unless you ask them to or they find something while messing with that stuff. Brakes would be something, especially since we do not get much life out of our high-performance brakes in these heavy beasts. Ask them to put it on the lift and give the suspension, wheel bearings, and steering a once over since most of that can only be diagnosed while off the ground.

If they dig into the rough idle, it could be all kinds of things that are minor that give you that lump in the idle once in a while.....I don't know about the LR4, but timing chain tensioners are on my "scary list" right now! Not saying by any means you this problem, but rough idle troubleshooting maybe they can give you peace of mind if they put the listening devices on the covers.

On that note, go through your service records and if you do not do the maintenance yourself, then there are a few things you are approaching such as trans fluid, diff fluids, plugs, filters, etc... Now on that note, I would NOT have a dealer do any of that stuff but find a good independent shop unless any of it is under warranty or some sort of service plan co-pay type deal.

By your list of vehicles in your signature, it appears you have quite the handle on vehicle maintenance protocols by now I am sure so any of that is easily done on your own with a bit of work. My experience with LR3/4 is, you need to drive them cuz if they sit, who knows what you will get the next time the squirrels start running the wheel!

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BMW has “inspection 1” and “inspection 2” which you can look up on line easily. (I have created my own based on that and the Land Rover documents several years ago)

Anyway, the BMW service 2 was pricy, but comprehensive. They don’t really offer it any longer either, relying on the car to say: “replace the gas door tension spring” or whatever else.

Anyway, if you plan to keep the car a while, get (the equivalent to) a service 2. It includes brake fluid flush among other often overlooked things. But doing that, they *will* find anything incorrect on the car (unless they are morons, or want to avoid warranty claims). Some of those discoveries may be covered.

Be prepared for a four digit bill at the end...


your 2nd battery is probably dead causing the eco function to not work.
Thank you, I had never heard of that, and searched 2nd battery for LR4 and found that there was a technical Service bulletin regarding the Dual Battery Junction Box and Eco start stop not functioning. Printed it to bring with to the dealer in case they don't seem to know what they are doing.


Any word on this loose seat feel? I’m noticing this on the 16’ LR4 I got a few weeks ago. Also seem to remember it. Vaguely from my 08 sport but never really looked into it.


Any word on this loose seat feel? I’m noticing this on the 16’ LR4 I got a few weeks ago. Also seem to remember it. Vaguely from my 08 sport but never really looked into it.
It is going in today. I'll post back about the seat.