Largest RTT that will actually sleep 4


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Hoping for some help here.

I’ve got an 80 series that I’m building up. I’d really like a RTT that will actually sleep my family of 4. I’d love, say a GoFast or any of the other quick deploy hard shells but the fact is, when we go out it’s a family of 4. I’m 6’2, my wife is 5’10 and we have 6 and 3 year old boys. I don’t mind if it takes me 30 minutes to deploy or put away with zippers, time is not my issue, I just need it large enough for the 4 of us to sleep comfortably.

I see the iKamper, FSR and Overland Pros all have a 4 person tent available. If they size them like a ground tent 😂 there won’t be enough room for us.

I’m wondering if anyone has any advice, experience, input for my family.

Thanks for your time, hope everyone is staying healthy out there!
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I’d recommend 2 smaller tents over 1 giant one if you can figure out a way to mount them. I have a tepui kukenam 4 and it’s a beast to setup and tear down, but it’s huge. If you’re all good sleepers you might fit ok, but one roller or loud snorer and it’s over. My older CVT Mt Shasta was much more manageable. The nice thing about RTTs vs ground tents is the side walls are vertical so you get more usable space than a ground tent with the same footprint.

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An iKamper, Roofnest Condoor, Torro off-road, or similar fold out hard shell is going to be a little larger than a king bed. Think king bed width with Cali king length. It should suffice for 4 people, 2 of which are kids. You could probably fit a dog in there too.

I think they are 76x95 when open.

It’s also going to only be 55” wide when closed.


We have a 23Zero Sydney, it fits our family of 4 great. I am 6', the kids are 7 & 8. Personally I would not want the time and work of setting 2 different tent up.


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If set up time is not an issue, why not use a large ground tent. It will be cheaper, have much more room, and you can stand up when you put your pants on in the


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I had the smittybilt xl first then sent it back. Poor qc. I got a smoking deal on a Tepui Autana 4 and it fits me, the wife, both kids and the dog easy. I am 6'7" and wife is 5'4" 1 and 4 year old and 60lb lab.

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See if you can get a Howling Moon imported directly from HM Australia or South Africa if Sierra Expeditions in Mesa, AZ isn’t importing them anymore. They make them up to 2.4m wide (94.5”!) so it will definitely fit 4. I believe Graeme Bell with A2A Expedition ran one for years going across the world. Like Eezi Awn, Howling Moon is also a very high quality tent made in South Africa.