LandRover Disco shifts like manual random! Thoughts


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2003 D2 just started but it starts fine and shifts in and out of gears fine....kicker is it wont move in Drive......but pulls in 1st then can be shifted straight into Drive and shifts fine at multiple speeds, when decenting SPEED or stopping if it gets under 1500 rpms it revs with no power then you down shift to 1st and like a 5spd hit 2rpms and shift back into drv its fine.
Anybody heard of this craziness?


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Might be the XYZ switch. This is a gear selector switch on the outside of the tranny. They get fickle from gunk. You can rebuild them vs buy. Do a google search. If not this it sounds internal which is not good but might “just” be a valve body overhaul.


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Thanks, i researched will start in 1st and then put in Drive it shifts fine till the rpms fall below 1500. Strangest thing. Frustrating

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Known failure state in 4hp22 transmissions where the first gear sprague clutch fails blocking downshifting into first gear when in drive, but first gear can still be activated manually via the shifter.

Ashcroft can upgrade theses critical bits upon rebuild with 4hp24 parts to avoid the same failure in the future.

Not saying your fluid level isn’t off or that similar symptoms can’t be caused by other issues but it is a known failure in those transmissions.

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