Land Rover in its Element


Hi all, just posted a Trip Report about our recent trip to Big Bend. Thought you might be interested to see the LR3 in its element.
The vehicle did great offroad. And the fold-flat rear, large enough for a double mattress, adds flexibility for camping.

The air suspension hasn't let me down so far. It's great to have a capable offroad rig that is also super comfortable on the 8 hrs of interstate travel to get to the destination.

Here's a link to the TR.

Here are some photos highlighting the vehicle.

the Loop campsite in Big Bend National Park is on a little plateau above the Rio Grande--we slept in the back of the vehicle, looking out over the river

Yedra Trail in Big Bend Ranch State Park

Yedra 2 campsite in the state park

Rincon campsite in the state park

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