Land Rover ideas for Jeeps


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Earlier in this thread I posted this item:

I've been thinking maybe an auxiliary panel like that custom-fit to the Wrangler dash might be useful, so I did a quick concept design and printed it on cardstock. There are a few places on the dash it could be fitted, in this photo it's at the top of the LJ's center stack:

Being there it gets in the way of the dash-top tray, so in this photo it's moved in front of the tray:

But in front of the tray it gets in the way of the defroster vent, so in this photo it's on top of the instrument panel:

The same three positions in the JKU. The top of the center stack is a little narrower in the JK so it looks slightly wide here:

But in the JK it doesn't interfere with the defroster vent when placed in front of the tray:

In the JK the instrument panel is lower relative to the steering wheel so to make the switches visible there I had to tilt the steering wheel down a bit, since I'm tall I normally have the wheel tilted all the way up.

It's just a cardstock idea for the moment, but if I decide on a good place for such a panel maybe I'll make a mold and do a few prototypes to try out. Suggestions and criticisms welcome, you can help me decide if I take this idea any further.


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Not sure how much space is available inside. But, what about the center windshield trim, above the mirror on the LJ?
Could put it there, this cardstock mockup might be a little wide but it's just a printout so it can be made the right size. I think running all wires up there for whatever switches and gauges might be there could be a problem?

For me that location wouldn't work because that's where my GPS lives:



I thought I remembered you having something up there. Your threads are getting so long, it's hard to remember what is in what! I've never had my trim off, so I don't know what kind of real estate exists behind the panel. Always thought it would be a good place to mount something along the lines of your panel.

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