Land Rover ideas for Jeeps

pith helmet

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Thanks. Every time I think this thread is getting old and maybe I should stop I get another issue of one of the Land Rover magazines in the mail and almost always there's something in there I think will be of interest to Jeep folks, so until interesting ideas stop showing up in the LR magazines I'll keep posting :).
this is still my favorite thread here. i look back through it often. thanks for keeping it up!


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From the July issue of Land Rover Owner:

Seems very useful for setting up camp. I'm not sure exactly where the best place would be to install one in/on a Wrangler, I'll have to go over the Jeep to see if I can find the right place.

The exact same thing, as well as a few other styles, are available at one of my favorite electronics surplus outlets ( They're also quite a bit less expensive than the place Vicky got hers:


Todd n Natalie

Looks like an attempt to follow in the VW Doubleback's footsteps.

1st thing I thought of when I saw it too.