Land Rover Experience Tour Peru


Thanks for posting this. Somehow I either missed this or dismissed it when I first saw it. Anyway, I made it out to the LR Experience Center in Carmel, CA over the weekend and did the Peru Challenge. It was a lot of fun driving the new Discovery(5) off-road. It's a very capable vehicle and look forward to wheeling one again in the near future.


Oh man, how did I miss this? I just did a half day experience at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville with the Disco 5 and it was awesome. I wish I had seen this and registered before I went!

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Just wanted to share the awesome news with the group. I won the Peru Challenge at Quail Lodge and I will be leaving for Peru next Friday. No joke. It's going to be the trip of a lifetime and I am over the moon excited. There were 4 USA winners and people from other countries going. Sounds like there are multiple "legs" on the Peru trek and we're doing leg three. We'll be driving the all new Discovery (5) and there will be 16 of them + 3 RRS.

It's a 7 day trip from Cusco to Hauncayo which includes a full day at Machu Picchu, visiting a fruit plantation, a local village and school, camping, jungle, and 15,000ft mountains and much more. About 600+ miles of driving.

I'll give a full report when I return.

Stevenmd, I owe you a beer for turning me onto this. My last minute trip from MN to CA to compete for this has paid off big time!


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Likewise! I read these articles about it:

Jalopnik - just ignore the preening parts about the author being concerned about fashion.
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