Land Rover D2 rim, jack stands, jack, antenna mount, misc LR odds and ends!


Cleaning out the "garage"
-D2 6 spoke rim: gouged near center cap, scuffed lip, chipping paint from rock crawling. $30obo + shipping. perfect for a trail spare or 6th wheel.
-CB antenna mount- honestly cannot remember what it was from but I saved it for that purpose. $5 + shipping
-generic screw jack- $10 + shipping
-pair of jack stands- $40 + shipping
-2013 nissan frontier front license plate frame mount w/ hardware - $10 + shipping
-Land Rover trailer hitch plug - $5 + shipping
-Land Rover D2 differential fill plugs (factory take offs, used w/ o rings)- $2 + shipping

all located in Auburn, AL. most of the stuff probably is not worth shipping due to weight causing high costs, but i will offer it anyways.

paypal, credit/debit (Square), or trade for nissan frontier parts, trade for AR15 parts


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as you say, not worth the shipping cost to NC, but I am enamored with the optimism of selling the jack stands since the Disco is gone ;-)

How is the Frontier doing- must be liking it?


haha well actually, i sold the jack stands already! go figure (locally)!.

Well I absolutely love this frontier. phenomenal vehicle. it has done great towing. gas mileage is 2.5x that of my disco, and it is on 87 oct. it has done fine off-pavement so far, but i havent put it through its paces at all.

i love it, but i still miss my disco like crazy.

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