Land Rover 127 Battlefield Ambulance Camper Build


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Hi all, this will be an intro to my build thread on my Land Rover 127 Battlefield Ambulance which will be converted to a camper that will support my hobbies and travels.

First up an intro to what I'm starting with. This is a 1990(?) Land Rover 127 Battlefield Ambulance built by Locomotors in Andover, UK. Research suggests there were about 124 made total with similar versions made by Marshalls. It was built for the British Army and sent to the British Army Training Unit Suffield (BATUS) near Medicine Hat, Alberta. It was sold off by auction and then sold to me by a friend in the completely awesome Alberta Land Rover Enthusiasts (ALRE) club based out of Edmonton, AB. I'm thinking its probably one of a kind in Canada and maybe even North America.


This beast is based on a 127" wheelbase Land Rover pick up (technically not a Defender) and is the precursor to the 130 Wolf based "Pulse". It appears to be callsign "29B", vehicle #916. For the purposes of this project it will referred to by its new callsign 54WHISKEY until I think of a name for it.


There's a little bit of nasty paint to come off.

The cab is currently RHD and typical military, a bit spartan. I'll be trying to source comfy seats and a LHD dash. Its equipped with the gasoline Rover 3.5l V8 with dual carbs which was reported to be a reconditioned engine and gearbox.


The stretcher racks will be coming out and the entire box stripped for the interior install. Its a pretty small space about 5.5'x8'x5.5'. Its equipped with a gas version of a Webasto parking heater, I'd be interested to hear from anybody with experience with one of these gas units. The plan in general is make this livable for long term trips but it will not be a luxurious van-life build. Due to my location in the Great White North its going to be fully winterized to withstand -30 degrees C and below and the intent is to make the system fully off-grid capable.

Thanks for having a look, it'll be a long resto process and I'll be posting stuff here for discussion.