Land Rover 109's. How many would you like ?


Trying to help a good friend out with his overwhelming hoarding problem.
Part of the hoard is around a dozen or so 109's, I lost count.
Patina warranty included.

We can fix you up with an military ambulance, or a five door fire brigade, or tropical roof 5 door truck, or three door vans, or a pickup cab truck, hi cap, what are you looking for ? Most of these should be considered projects as they are not currently in use. Priced as projects. One mans 40+ years of accumulated series trucks and parts available. The reality that he will never get to all of these has finally set in.

Series 2, Series 2a, Series 3 ? Left hand drive ? Right hand drive ?
Rare and esoteric parts, or new old stock parts, also available.

Bring your tow vehicle (preferably a pickup with empty bed for additional parts) and come to Virginia.

No trading, stuff needs to leave not arrive.

Bringing ice cold Belgian tripels will improve pricing, In this case I would likely attend the negotiations...

Pre scheduled appointment required.

My friends wife will help you load.

Seriously !

Text me to discuss your needs, interests. 410 6931391

Dead serious, lets make a deal on your next project rover.

Uhaul car trailers rent for $55 a day. As with all hoards, the first to enter gets the juicy morsels.


Below is the list with a candid assesment of condition.

ID Year Model Style Steering Config Color Engine Transmission Description

1) 1967 IIA 109 5 Door SW LHD 6 Red N/A N/A Needs New Frame and Bulkhead Repairs
2) 1979 III 109 2 door Carawagon Camper LHD 4 Tan/Green N/A III Needs Bulkhead Repairs & New Wood in Top (have the wood pieces cut) 110 double sliding door tops
3) 1972 III 88 LHD 4 Marine Blue N/A III Frame can be repaired. TI Console heavy duty leaf springs. 109 brakes.
4) 1971 IIA 109 5 Door SW LHD 6 Red OM617 IIA Frame needs new Crossmember X=Fire Brigade With External Directional Spotlight
5) 1961 II 109 5 Door SW LHD 4 Red 2.25 Gas IIA Frame needs new Crossmember Has a Rosenbauer twin intake fire pump
6) 1967 IIA 109 Ambulance RHD 4 Marine Blue N/A IIA Frame not too bad
7) IIA/III Marsland Galvanized Rolling Chassis New LHD or RHD 4 Galv N/A N/A New KAM 3.8 Diffs new leaf springs built to military ride height with civilian rear crossmember can be set to civilian ride height.
8) 1979 III 109 2 door hardtop RHD 6 Limestone N/A IIA Frame OK
9) 1981 III Stage I V8 Hi-Cap Pickup LHD 8 Red 3.5 V8 LT95 or LT85 + LT230 New Galvazized Chassis One of 7 built for the Danish Railway Systems. Only one of it's kind left
10) 1979 III 88 RHD 4 Purple N/A N/A Complete Junker with Title
11) 1979 III 109 5 Door SW LHD 4 Pastel Green N/A N/A Completely Disassembled
12) 1978 III 109 2 Door Canvas Top RHD 6 Marine Blue Diahatsu 2.8 TD N/A Bad Frame, Recent paint
13) 1976 III 109 LHD Galvanized Chassis with springs and Axles LHD 4 Galv N/A N/A Good condition
14) 1981 III 109 5 Door SW RHD 4 Orange Diahatsu 2.8 TD III Galvanized Coil Spring Chassis with Disc Brakes 110 roof Rear Door Bad

Please reference the truck number that interests you when contacting me
Parts- please just inquire list too lengthy to type up.
LR pto winches, LR hydraulic winches, roofs, wings, you get the drift


Wow! Sounds like a cool opportunity for people into those!
Good for your friend for finally letting go. And you for helping.
I’m sure you’re busy with all the sales, but if you have time to post pictures, My self and I’m sure others would love to see some of the collection.