Land Cruiser in-cab Water System - ExPo worthy (LOL)!


I switched to a underbody fresh water tank so this in-cab one I built myself is up for sale. It fits a 100 series perfectly in place of the 2nd row passenger's side seat. Might fit a 80 series but I haven't checked that it does. Its designed to hold a 10 gallon Northern Tool all-in-one sprayer. The thick-wall HDPE fresh water tank with fittings is included in the sale but you need to buy the 12v water pump and run power to it (NorthStar NSQ series 2.2GPM pump, $80 from Northern Tool). You also need to plumb the system with your choice of parts.

The whole thing is built from top-notch materials and, even if I say so myself, doesn't look tacky at all in the nice LX470 interior. The aluminum 6061-T6 frame was fabricated by an expert welder, from 3/4" tube, T-shaped extrusions, and L-angle. The top is 1/2" birch plywood that is stained & polyurethane coated to somewhat closely match the Lexus wood. A Mountainsmith Hauler, or a medium size duffel fits perfectly on top and there are tie-down rings at all 4 corners. The water tank can be easily filled using the LARGE fill cap, and if need be, removed in about 20 seconds.

Its a functional system that is way better than securing and lugging around 5-gallon containers. The weight distribution of the vehicle itself is better than having water in the cargo area.

$125 shipped $100 pick-up only in Metro Detroit (just the sprayer alone cost more than this). Please PM for details.

6061-T6 frame

1/4" Polycarbonate base-plate

10 gallon HDPE tank. Not NSF certified food-grade. Everything but pump and hose included.

U-bolts & the 4 original seat bolts hold it in place.

Luggage rack on top with D-rings to secure load. Bag not included.
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Will be doing one shortly on the underbody one on .

I have decided to offer this only for local sale because the shipping is crazy expensive. Should have priced it out before.

Anyone want to pick it up in Michigan? First right of refusal goes to teethless since I took his money (refunded earlier today).

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Shipping costs are ridiculous for the private individual.....Amazon can ship 30lbs of dog food for free, but I paid $92, to ship 10lbs of 4ft long aluminum tubing. Your pictures got my wheels turning though! Nice job.


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I am local, in metro Detroit, pretty interested in this setup. Could you maybe get the dimensions for me? I am looking to put it into a Ford Excursion build I have going. I was about to start my own build on a water system here shortly.. this may work.


Hi Dave...

Plywood platform 31x18"

Overall height 16.5"

Aluminum Frame Footprint 30x14.375"

There's about 3" of empty space between the top of the tank and underside of the plywood, so you can reach in and open the fill cap. You could potentially reduce that by up to 1-1.5" if that was a problem.. frame will have to be rewelded of course.

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Im on the verge of throwing it out, I'd hate for this thing to go waste. Any offer considered as long as you come get it locally.