Land Cruiser 100 series Aluminum Roof Rack project for sale



I've decided to sell my roof rack project for pennies on the dollar. With an expanding family I really have no time to devote to this in the next couple of years.

I designed the side pieces and had them waterjetted out of 1/4" thick 6061-T6 aluminum. This material is nearly 3 times stronger than mild steel for the same weight.

It is designed to hold up to 11 cross-bars made of aluminum extrusions (80/20 or similar brand). Everything is metric just like the vehicle itself.

Air-Dam support is made out of Main extrusions are made out of

Weights are as follows:

Side Pieces - 12.5lbs - Both sides are included.
Air Dam Support- 2lbs - 1 is included. You need only one.
Main Extrusion (per piece) - 3.3lbs - 3 are included, can fit up to 11.
Stainless Hardware (estimate) - 2lbs - You'll need to buy more and I can provide part#s.
Mounts - You need to figure this out. I would avoid welding to the side pieces.
Air-Dam - You need to figure this out. I planned to make one out of 1/4" thick HDPE.

You could have a working roof rack that's strong and functional for as low as 35lbs of weight on your roof, and less than a quarter of the price of Front Runner or similar ones.

$150 firm + actual shipping cost.

Shipping could be anywhere from $75 to $100 $55-$60 based on an quick quote from Fedex UPS, but send me your address for actual quote.




HDPE air-dam not included.

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I can get a super accurate quote in the evening. 3 main rails and 1 rail for the front air-dam support are included. I recommend at least 5 main rails and probably more for RTTs or heavy loads. You can get additional rails from "80/20inc" on eBay for about $20 each.

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How many rails does it come and dimensons of it with shipping to 66106?
$55.70 to your zip code, UPS ground. Total length is just under 87". I designed the rails to sit as close as possible to the roof, but you still mount the first and last one vertical for maximum bending strength.


I was able to find a box for this that significantly brings down shipping cost. I think shipping anywhere in lower 48 is $55-$60 at most.

More engg info for those who care:
Here are some dimensions of the side plates:

Loading platform length (flat side) = 77"
Roof side length (curved side) = 87"
Overall Height (top to bottom surfaces) = 3.5"
Air-Dam angle from vertical = 57 degrees (matches windshield angle somewhat in side view)
Thickness = 1/4"

Up to 16 cross rails will fit. You could cram more but I don't see the point.
Here is the cross-rail profile, beefy but still light.

According to the manufacturer's deflection calculator, this profile with a 4-foot length will bend just a little over 1/4" when you place a 200lb load concentrated at its center. That's pretty strong!
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The cross-bars are 1220mm or 48" long. However, you can get this same profile in various lengths from 80/20 on eBay.

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