Lally's journey: Alaska to Argentina to Africa to Ireland


The Long Way Home:
Sept 2014 ONE Family’s Epic Journey Home
30,000 MILES, 3 KIDS, 1 TRUCK, 1 YEAR

Alaska to Arran via Canada, US, Mexico, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, UK and finally into Ireland

The Arran Islands off the west coast of Ireland - close to my home town Galway and looking due west - next stop is New York.

We're been researching and planning for some time.
Have had several overlanders staying with us last few months, both to help them get a break along the way (some Irish "B&B" hospitality) and for us to get the reality of travelling, perceived dangers/safety issues, travelling with kids, travelling with a trailer, RTTs etc..
Neil and Julie from UK in their Land Rover 110
Felix and Franziska in their Land Cruiser 79 HZJ
Simone and Angelica in their kick-*** Swiss Duro (Unimog)
Intrepid Jayne and David - from UK in their Land Rover 110
Milan Elznic (on 3rd leg of his round the world trip - currently enroute from Siberia to CZ)

Several other folks we've meet that have given us great advice:
Jessica & Kobius Mans - from their journey south + books
Luis from Lost World Expeditions
Richard & Ashley at NW Rally Expo, WA
Sarah Turner, UK when she was doing Alaska to Texas with BBC writeup
David Conors with his Land Cruiser 80 trip down south

Kids are 13, 15, 19 with two home schooled along the way. Planning on some streaming 'virtual' classrooms if we can manage it, by sharing with other shools (US, UK , Ireland). Also plan some charity, NGO, philanthropic 'engagements' along the way.

Working on truck (1997 Toyota Landcruiser) and trailer as time starts counting down.
PS added to this forum as only few weeks away and then don't have to move once we start on the journey- ok Mr forum administrator?

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let me know if you guys need a place to park when your in AK. I'm in Palmer at the base of Hatcher Pass.


Will, Thanks for that. I'll let you know once we hit the road - we'll have a better idea then on timeframe and route


it is my absolute dream to do something like this. I'm envious of your children, they'll learn more from this experience than anything else in their lives and be truly amazing and interesting people afterwards.


Thanks guys. Hopefully the kids will enjoy it and not just endure it. I'm sure they'll be hardships along the way but the 'adventure' should make up for it


Random thought inspired by your graphic. Aren't you traveling on FOUR continents?? May need to stream the geography lessons. Ha! BTW, just poking fun. This looks like an incredible trip!


Ha! well spotted. 1st so far... Thats an old graphic that need to change. Hoping to do some streaming video education "lessons" with the kids and some other schools (USS, UK, Ireland and 'in-country')