Lakes and Ponds of the Uinta Mountains


Expedition Leader
Sent sometime yesterday hiking around the Uinta Mountains and checking out some of the lakes and ponds and the scenery in the general. The area was filled with hikers, packers and anglers fishing the various areas. Lets see if I can get the names of the these lakes right.

Cliff Lake

Petite Lake ?

Lake/Pond ?

Watson Lake

Cylde Lake


Booker Lake - got side tracked here and had to ask a camper where the trail around Cylde Lake went. Found the trail again one he pointed it out.


Expedition Leader
Pond along the way

Island Lake area

Duck Lake - after hiking around all day I didn't feel like hiking a half mile down hill just to come back up.

Overall, it was a great day to get out hiking and if I visit this area I'll backpack in to camp and to fish. Just like everyone else who was out there.
Beautiful area, enjoyed the scenery.

73° in Michigan...that's when you start hearing folks say..."boy, it's starting to get hot out"