Lake Powell Exploring, July 2010


Roughly where are the steps? I'll dig through my books and see if I can come up with an answer.

They are not part of the known HITR (San Juan Mission) route, I've been on both sides of it and there are not any steps such as that.
Anyone who wants to go see them just shoot me PM if you can't find them through a determined Google search. They are no secret but I would hate to see a horde of weekend powerboaters go up there and knock down all of the trail markers, bust the glass that I found and so on.

I spent a fair amount of time trying to closely pin them down since I was paddling a kayak. Ultimately they were literally right in front of me the whole time. There is supposed to be another set somewhere nearby but I had conflicting information on them. Next trip!

Scenic WonderRunner

Nice Jim! Thanks for sharing!

I love finding history on the trail.

Years ago, I loved to hike the Manoa Trail up to the falls, on Oahu. Along the trail, if you looked close, you could see stepping stones made of Lava rock. And flat areas that looked like it was once inhabited by the ancient Hawaiians. The Flat areas could have been the place for their homes. And there is a stream of fresh water nearby.

No modern person would have placed those stone steps there.

I love this stuff!

Keep Going!



Along the way to our next anchorage we saw this poor soul. They were at speed and ignored all of the buoys and plowed right into a plainly visible hazard.

See the buoys?

Later on there was an expensive recovery effort

Gotta' feel sorry for them.


This time we broke out all of the kayaks to head up for another great hike.

Things started to narrow and kayaks can go where jetskis can't

Gradually the water got so shallow that we pulled the kayaks along

First obstacle

Is this where the velociraptors like to lurk? :)

Getting narrow!

We swam through some of the deeper sections and the water felt great!

A very large chock stone

Having fun yet?

Heading Back


Last year I saw some nice waterfalls in that same alcove you were anchored in:

Across the way:

I think this was the main channel of the Escalante:

We kayaked some of those same slot canyons that you did. Lake Powell is my favorite place in the whole world. Thanks for bringing back the good times!

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aventurero, Overland Certified OC0012
Awesome trip reports! Growing up I did several water skiiing trips to Powell. I would love to get back there & explore more slot canyons by kayak & on foot.