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Hi all, first time posting here, but have been lurking for some time now. I am looking into flat roof trays for my 08 l322 range rover my wife and I are building into an expedition type rig. Wondering if anyone has any experience with either the frontrunner or rhino rack flat racks on these? We will be doing anything from camping, fishing, hauling our fishing yaks, to the odd random lumber trip to lowes while out (dont always want to drive the flatbed f550 around to dinner and whatnot).

My question is if anyone has any experience with racks on the l322, and if so what size did you use etc. Looking for the maximum amount of rack space. I have been in contact with frontrunner and they no longer offer a fit kit for the l322, only a universal type option. I do have fab skills if needed, but would really rather have it be a bolt on affair as I have plenty to work on


Not sure of the roof configuration of the L322 but the FR full size rack fit well on my LR3 and it was a bolt on, lots of flat surface up on that rack.


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Hello SSG,

I am about to pick up a 2010 l322 and like the look of the Rhino rack but the website does not list a rack for the truck, can you share a part number or kit I should be looking for? Also if you don't mind saying how much was the rack?
I need something for my RTT.



Looking for the maximum amount of rack space
Most of the racks made "for" the range rover are not all that long. The Hannibal discovery 2 rack is roughly 55"x83" and I have one each for the Disco2 and the lr3. While the lr3 slot/track has a range of mounting your RR would ideally only utilize the 6 factory mounting points. I am not sure the distance between each axis but I can measure if you want to try that route. The center to center is roughly in the 30-32" range.

11 years ago I set up a temporary mounting system using 3 Yakima cross bars and the short towers for easy on/off. Well, it just worked so I never changed it! I can remove or install the whole rack, 3 sets of bar/towers, and rear awning alone in about 15 minute which includes unlocking the towers, grabbing 2 2x4's, and then leaning the rack in it's off-vehicle storage spot.

Hannibal is aluminum and slats run front to rear for best wind flow and have insert slots which take an M6 bolt head upside down like others. The Hannibal awnings are the only ones I know of to be fully self supporting without legs and they have optional walls for all sides in any configuration. These walls don't really work on taller vehicles but the air suspensions in modern rovers allow the walls to close off at the ground.

I do plan however to get a Frontrunner front wind fairing which looks like it should work perfectly.


Would you mind sharing the model number of your rack and the mounts used. Rhino does not have it listed on their website....thanks in advance

It was ordered straight from Rhino Rack by my installer, so if you were to contact them directly they should know which size and parts to recommend if you tell them it is for an l322.

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